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Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless pentesting overall refers to the security against the incoming cyber-attacks from all the cyber criminals or attackers that are spread across the world. While to be precise, wireless pentesting refers to the process of applying various attacks using various tools on a network to find out the vulnerabilities or flaws in them so that they can be secured using various techniques.

Why do you need to secure your wireless?

Some of the most common attacks these days that we fall victim to are:
  • MAC identity spoof attack
  • Denial of Service attack
  • Encryption cracking attack
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Misconfigured clients
  • Wireless Hijacking
SECARMY is a community that innovates the efficient solution against different types of attacks that can be capable enough to cause chaos in your system, your network or your business and might end up causing you a great loss and leaving you in great debt. It is highly possible that the information you have, whether it is sensitive or not, might end up in someone else's hands who can use it to cause a menace in your life. Meanwhile, this information can be withdrawn from your network by an intrusion into it that an attacker can easily achieve if your wireless LAN is left unsecured or full of different vulnerabilities. The SECARMY team will efficiently live up to your expectations and serve you with a result more satisfactory than you think.

Protect yourself from:

  • Eavesdropping: An attacker can intrude into your network and see what personal and formal activities you are performing on it.
  • Traffic analysis: An attacker can analyse the traffic in your network and draw out sensitive information that you're receiving or sending.
  • Corrupt access point: An attacker can corrupt the access point that your network uses and inject a backdoor or virus into your system to cause destruction.
  • Brute force attack: An attacker can crack the password on files or login panels in your system or network using a brute force attack.

Our responsibilities to ensure wireless security for you:

(i) Manual Testing

Everything can be done automatically these days, but our goal is to provide best and efficient services for which we'll perform manual scanning that will shed some light on the vulnerabilities and loopholes that are left behind in the automated testing.
Following are a few of the advantages that you'll have by choosing wireless pentesting:
  • Withdrawing vulnerabilities: A network is always flawed and full of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker. Our team focuses on detecting those vulnerabilities and patching them up by various techniques to make it impossible for an attacker to cause you a threat.
  • Reveals Hackers' methods: Cyber-attacks are a major threat these days and our team's goal is to provide efficient security. Wireless Pentesting will allow us to step into a hacker's shoe and think the way an attacker thinks which will make us capable to close up all the entrances that an attacker can use to enter into your network.
  • Your relationship with the public: The safer a brand or company is, the more customers it attracts. Safety is an important aspect in day to day life that everybody wants. Wireless Pentesting will increase your business's reputation and relationship with the public because of the customer's or employee's usage of the network without facing any kind of threat or harm.

Our Disclosures:

  • Log analysis - records that may be useful for your business
  • Information records - Management of critical organizational data
  • Multiple layers: Multiple layers of security to prevent an attack even if an attacker bypasses one layer.

(ii) Automated Testing

In automated testing, we use advanced tools and frameworks that are necessary to evaluate a network's status and draw out the vulnerabilities to keep the owner and the user of network far and safe from the threats and attacks that occur.

Our Disclosures:

  • Efficiency: All the efficient and latest security methods and features to be put in use.
  • Planning material - Information gathering for assessment of the scope.
Insecure wireless will continue to cause harm in some way until the vulnerabilities and loopholes stay alive in the network. Let's take a step ahead and protect ourselves by joining up with SECARMY.
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