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What is Mobile App Pentesting ?

Imagine a world where everything is done by machines. Robots that have been spread all across the globe and have decreased every human effort. We live in a world where everything is controlled and dependant on technology. Machines to draw out water from underneath the earth, machines to cool us down in a hot temperature, machines that let us communicate across the world, machines that let us reach a whole different location in a short matter of time. Machines are spread around us like a city. Machines depend on us to be started and we depend on machines so that our work can be done. One of those machines that have influenced our lives in a massive way is a "Mobile Phone". Everything you want can be done using a mobile phone. From selling to shopping, voice calling, video calling, messaging, entertainment via music, movies, games, etc. A single cell phone has replaced a lot of stuff in real life like a clock to look at the time, a landline to call, a letter to send a message, and a lot more. Everywhere you go and everywhere you see, there will always be someone focused on a mobile phone either finalising a business deal or capturing the moment around him/her. Whatever you want to do, there is always an app available for it on your cell phone. In the world of technology, it is necessary to know whether it is safe to use the phone we own or not.

Let's commence on the first question. "What does mobile app pentesting mean?".

The mobile phone being a technological marvel, there will be a lot of attackers out there trying to get into the system. Flaws are what define a person's character. Those flaws may seem to make a person vulnerable and weak but can be really inspiring if used considered as strength. Similarly, the flaws in a mobile phone can be patched up and can make the device much more efficient and interactive. Let's talk about mobile apps here. Everything we want can be done using a mobile app. A mobile app is an application generally created and developed using various techniques and programming languages by developers. Being a language, there might be some mistakes or errors which we often refer to as a bug. These bugs can cause serious harm to either a device or the owner of the device. These bugs are a sort of weakness/vulnerability in a cell phone that can be exploited and used to get into the cell phone and steal data. Mobile app pentesting refers to the process of scanning and analysing an application so that a bug can be found in the system. It is the most popular way of securing a device. As we all know, for a system to be secured, we first need to know where to secure it. When this question arises, pentesting comes into action.

After all this stuff, let's discuss as to "Why is mobile app pentesting important?.

Everything we know of is flawed and can be used against you. There are a lot of attackers/hackers that want to cause nothing but harm to others in any way possible. It has somehow made necessary for us to take precautions against those hackers. Since we know what mobile app pentesting means, it is important because those vulnerabilities can be exploited and used to get into our mobile phone. Let us have a look at what can an attacker do using an insecure application on a mobile phone. An attacker can target an entire organisation that develops applications for the mobile phone. While developing an application, a company obviously tests it on devices and tries to find some bugs that can be patched up. An attacker can use that beta version of the application to hack into your system and steal sensitive information like credit card details, login credentials, etc. There are a lot of applications that use usernames and passwords for access to the data and features of the application. An attacker can bypass the login panel and can steal whatever data he gets his hands on and can use that data against you by either blackmailing you for ransom or more. A lot of times a hacker steals credentials of a person by intruding through the vulnerability in a mobile app and uses those credentials as his own in some other serious crime and ends up impersonating and framing an innocent man. There have been many cases where a hacker burns a company to the ground by hacking into their database and using that data against them by either disrupting their systems or servers or maybe by destroying the entire progress made by the company.

To conclude, SECARMY is a community you can rely on for providing you with the security you need for a mobile app. Mobile app pentesting is necessary to have a secure future as we perform all the transactions using a mobile phone now. A secure mobile app can be quite efficient and totally reliable for the user's own sake.

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