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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing which is often referred to as "VAPT" are simply different types of vulnerability testing techniques where a system or a network is scanned and analyzed with the necessary knowledge, skills and precautions so as to not mess things up. These techniques are often performed so as to find flaws in a system or a network that can be secured later just so an attacker doesn't use those flaws as a pathway into the system.

Why do you need VAPT?

There are a lot of attacks that you can fall victim to some of which are as follows:
  • Phishing attacks
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Credential Reuse
Every attack can cause some serious damage to a person financially, mentally and even physically. SECARMY is a community that was solely created with the purpose of disrupting the attackers' plans and stopping them from creating chaos. Technology is flawed just like everything else in existence but in the case of technology, the flaws can be barricaded and secured from the attacker's reach. SECARMY is a capable community to provide the needed efficiency and generosity to keep every single user safe from hackers or attackers.

Protect yourself from:

  • Reputational Damage: If an organization or company is attacked, the attacker can use sensitive information that he gets to break down the company.
  • Economic chaos: If not secured your system properly, an attacker can steal the credit card details and leave you a huge amount of debt to pay for something you didn't do.
  • Impersonation: An attacker can go up for stealing your identity from your system and using it in another crime as their own and end up impersonating you and framing you for the actions you're not responsible for.

Our responsibilities for VAPT to ensure the security of your system:

  • Detection of vulnerability in a system and analyzing it.
  • Gathering information about how big vulnerability is and how bad it is.
  • Stepping into the shoes of an attacker to exploit the security flaws to understand how can an attacker use that flaw to cause harm to the system or the owner of the system.
  • Preparing the final report of the test and applying necessary security methods to secure the system by patching those flaws.

Our Disclosures:

  • Planning: Planning the steps that are to be followed and gathering enough information to commence the procedure.
  • Analysis: Scanning the entire system thoroughly and analyzing the output to draw out the vulnerabilities and identifying the level of severity of those vulnerabilities.
  • Active/Passive steps: Exploiting the vulnerabilities to figure out the open pathways that an attacker can use.
  • Reporting: Creating a final report and using all the necessary methods to close the open pathways.
In the flawed world, it is necessary to take all the precautions to keep yourself protected. VAPT is one of those precautions necessary to keep yourself safe from cybercrimes. Collab up with SECARMY and feel the satisfactory results of the services provided to you.
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