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Red Team Assessment

A red team engagement, unlike a traditional penetration test, aims to simulate a real world attack by expanding the scope of the engagement to include the entire organisation. the scope of a red team is not limited to specific systems. This scope could even involve attacks against the company's employees by launching a phishing campaign or physically trying to gain access to the company's offices in order to plant a backdoor into the network.

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Web Application Security Assessment

There is no such thing as "perfect security" when it comes to keeping all systems intact and functioning properly. Good web application penetration testing creates a balance that allows an application to be secure while simultaneously being fully functional in order to circumvent the security features so that those features can be accurately evaluated and adequate security precautions can be put in place.

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Network Security Assessment

The IT infrastructure is becoming more complex and wider. The internal networks have been given access over the internet to the legitimate users along with the user credentials and privileges, of course outside the firewall. Identification of what type of resources are exposed to the outer world, determining the security risk involved in it, detecting the possible types of attacks and preventing those attacks is a huge need.

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Wireless Security Assessment

Focus on inherent design flaws in wireless networks, that make insecure out-of-the-box. The huge adoption of wireless technologies over recent years has placed wireless data networks as one of the major attack vectors for organizations nowadays. Incident handlers and law enforcement have been forced to deal with the complexity associated with these technologies when managing and responding to security incidents.

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iOS App Security Assessment

Appleā€™s iOS has been a huge success for Apple. One of the most popular mobile operating system is iOS. Currently, there are millions of iOS apps with billions of downloads. Along with popularity, there are many insecurities. Secure your iOS applications and uncover hidden vulnerabilities and security-related shortcomings in iOS applications by conducting penetration tests, static and dynamic analysis of iOS applications, device exploitation and potential mitigation against them.

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Android App Security Assessment

The majority of mobile phones today are running on the Android OS. The Android operating system is commonly used in cars, cameras, refrigerators, televisions, game consoles, smart watches, smart glass, and many other gadgets too. This massive usage is not risk free and the main concern is security. In order deal recent attack vectors and trends in matter to stay in the arena and in order to try and predict, as much as possible, and secure the whatsoever gadgets, Android Pentesting is a great asset for countermeasures!

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Vulnerability Assessment & Pentesting

We can describe the general picture and challenge in information security by saying that 99.9 percent secure is 100 percent vulnerable. All we talk about is security! Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provides enterprises with a more comprehensive application evaluation than any single test alone. Using Approach gives an organization a more detailed view of the threats facing its applications, enabling the business to better protect its systems and data from malicious attacks. One stop for all the security you need!

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