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iOS App Security Assessment

Exploiting iOS applications & testing the iOS application bugs to compromise apple devices.System security is designed so that both software and hardware are secure across all core components of every iOS device.


iPhones can definitely be hacked, even with the ever-increasing layers of security Apple implements to protect our devices. It's even possible for someone to hack an iPhone remotely via iCloud. ... You can do a lot to secure your iPhone and protect it from possible hackers.

The potential risks may be:

  • User data leak
  • Man in the Middle attack
  • Reverse engineering
  • SECARMY prodvides you with the complete testing of your iOS devices In order to protect user data, focus on two aspects - using the right solutions for data storage, and securing data as it’s entered and the complete risks that are found over the device.

    Challenge your iOS devices using comprehensive iOS penetration testing.

    • User data protection : Keychain is the password management system developed by Apple, distributed both with macOS and iOS. The iOS version is simpler, and sharing Keychain items between different apps in is not possible on iOS. This means that iOS Keychain items are only accessible to the app that created them.
    • Protection against reverse engineering : Swift is a much newer language than Objective-C, so the reverse engineering tools are not as well developed. You should also use secure ways of storing application keys for specific environments.
    • SSL Pinning : SSL pinning is a method used to ensure that an application communicates only with the right server. The SSL certificate is saved within the app bundle and is used when defining the pinned certificate upon session configuration.
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