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Ethical Hacking Training 2.0

Ethical Hacking is a discipline of performing various techniques and methods to penetrate into a system using vulnerabilities present in a system. SECARMY has commenced the training section where everyone interested will be educated and provided with valued knowledge regarding ethical hacking. Every trainee will be introduced to an interactive and friendly environment where they'll be shown about how to scan, hack and secure their own or someone else's. The lab-intensive environment and the training experience will give you a great depth in hands-on experience and will help them acquire enough knowledge to survive in the industry. Everyone who seeks knowledge will be taught about how to work on different measures and scan their networks, penetrate the vulnerabilities found during the scan and how to secure those vulnerabilities.

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Who can sign up for the training?

Anyone who is interested in taking up this course with passion and interest in cyber security and get their hands on the security of systems can join regardless of his/her current educational qualification.

Duration and Timings :

30-days training and 2 batches each day with the following timings:

  • 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM (IST)
  • 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM (IST)
Key benefits of this training :

• Ethical hacking could help you think and understand complex scenarios quite easily.

• In a rapidly developing world, a trained ethical hacker could be a major resource to provide security where necessary.

• Learning ethical hacking could provide you with great opportunities since there are a lot of data breaches happening in the virtual existence.

• This course could provide you with the knowledge of the advancement of the world by giving you a lot of flaws to secure.

• In-depth knowledge of ethical hacking and cybersecurity that helps you synchronize with the current technical industry standards.

Training Modules :

• Networking basics
• Linux basics
• What is Cyber Security?
• Introduction to Ethical Hacking
• Different Stages of Ethical Hacking
- Information Gathering
- Scanning
- Enumeration
• System Hacking and Security
• Malware Threats
• Windows Hacking
• VPN and Proxies
• TOR Browser
• Sniffing Passwords
• DOS and DDOS attacks
• Social Engineering Attacks
• SQL Injection
• Web Application Attack
• Wi-Fi Hacking
• Security Techniques
• Android Hacking
• Introduction to Ransomware and its working

Training Outcomes :

What knowledge will you gain?

• Scanning target networks and systems with commercial, open-source or custom vulnerability scanners.

• Designing a plan of attack that will be done by exploiting various vulnerabilities.

• Great knowledge of various operating systems, network equipment and hacking devices.

• Development and execution of security controls and perform countermeasures to prevent internal or external attacks.

• Security monitoring and incident handling.

...and more.

About The Trainer :

Nitesh Bhatia : CTO at Gratia Technology PVT. LTD, CEH, CISE, ECSA and CHFI.

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