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Android App Security Assessment

The world is now controlled by technology and is dependent on technology. The most important one is the mobile phone. Especially an "Android phone". Android pentesting refers to the detection, identification and removal of all the security flaws, using various techniques, present in an android phone on the software level to make it secure enough to make it be able to be used efficiently by a user.

Why is it necessary to secure an android phone?

Following are a few of the dangers that a user can fall victim to:
  • Sending a backdoor using an APK file from an untrusted source to a user's phone.
  • Sending a link to a phone via SMS which when clicked might leak your information to the sender.
  • Phishing emails where an attacker can create a fake page that could be used to get your credentials.
Everyone in this world uses a mobile phone and mostly an android phone. SECARMY community is home to great knowledge on preventing cyber attacks and protecting people from suffering through great loss from any kind of attack. Being a technological device, it has flaws inside it that are needed to be paid attention to. Android phone has reached across the world which means it might contain a lot of sensitive information from across the world that no unauthorised person should get his/her hands on to. The SECARMY community will happily and proudly take steps towards patching those flaws and protecting you from several kinds of cyber attacks.

Protect yourself from:

  • Spyware: An attacker can send a malicious application to your phone and track and spy on your every movement and activity respectively.
  • IoT malware: Internet of things(IoT) malware is a growing concern since there are a lot of devices now that can be controlled using a smartphone.
  • Dead apps: An out-dated/dead app can be home to a lot of vulnerabilities that can be used to exploit into your cell phone and cause you harm.

Responsibilities that we'd have to ensure you a secure Android phone:

  • Protecting your data from being exploited.
  • Protecting your device from intrusion.
  • Prevention of attacks on your device.
  • Controlled access to the device as per the owner's requirements.

Our Disclosures:

  • Preparation: Identifying testing goals and collecting information needed to start the pentesting process.
  • Building the environment: Setting up the environment and tools needed for pentesting which may include rooting the android phone.
  • Application mapping: Understanding the structure and architecture of applications in android which will help detect and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Staging attack: Exploiting the detected vulnerabilities to get to know how can an attacker get into a system.
  • Reporting: The final report where all the vulnerabilities are submitted to the owner in a report and all the necessary security measures are taken to secure the system.
There are a lot of attackers out there wanting to exploit devices for their own profit without caring about the harm they cause to the owners of the devices. SECARMY stands against them and prevents any causing of harm to innocent people. Join hands with SECARMY and let's take a step towards security.
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